Forward Finance specializes in consulting for mergers & acquisitions as well as the structuring and raising of suitable financing (also from capital markets) plus the independent consulting for capital market strategy and communications (i.e. before or during an IPO).

Specifically, we offer the following services:

A) Support for companies in special situations like:

  1. Mergers & Acquisitions: Acquisition / Divestment / Spin-off of non-core activities
  2. Investor search / Investment / Financing / MBO (Management Buy-out)
  3. Restructuring and/or financing issues
  4. Organic growth focus
  5. Succession management


B) Capital markets strategy and communications

1. Independent consulting pre and during initial public offerings (IPO):

  • from the decision making phase if an IPO makes sense,
  • over the internal organizational preparations for an IPO,
  • the choice of the investment banks, the emission strategy, the listing location,
  • to the creation of a compelling equity story
  • Forward Finance will support clients during all phases of the process taking the right decisions and necessary steps – independent from the interest in a rights issue.


2. Strategic consulting of listed companies:

  • Creation or critical review of the equity story
  • Capital markets communication during transactions like rights issue, share buy-back, private placements or bond issue
  • Investor relations coaching of executive board or IR managers


C) Finding of investors for real estate projects

  1. Creation of a teaser and project description (exposé)
  2. Identification and targeted address of appropriate investors for the respective project
  3. Support during negotiations between initiator, developer and investor.